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    In press

  • Dura-Bernal S, Neymotin SA, Kerr CC, Sivagnanam S, Majumdar A, Francis JT, Lytton WW (in press).
    Evolutionary algorithm optimization of biological learning parameters in a biomimetic neuroprosthesis.
    IBM Journal of Research and Development.

  • 2016

  • Grantham KL, Kerr CC, Wilson DP (2016)
    Local responses to local epidemics for national impact need advanced spatially explicit tools.
    AIDS 30(9):1481–2.
  • Kelly SL, Shattock AJ, Kerr CC, Stuart RM, Papoyan A, Grigoryan T, Hovhannisyan R, Grigoryan S, Benedikt C, Wilson DP (2016).
    Optimizing HIV/AIDS resources in Armenia: increasing ART investment and examining HIV programmes for seasonal migrant labourers.
    Journal of the International AIDS Society 19(1):20772.
  • Shattock AJ, Kerr CC, Stuart RM, Masaki E, Fraser N, Benedikt C, Gorgens M, Wilson DP, Gray RT (2016).
    In the interests of time: improving HIV allocative efficiency modelling via optimal time-varying allocations.
    Journal of the International AIDS Society 19(1):20627.

  • 2015

  • Wilson DW, Kerr CC (2015).
    Can we know in advance whether models will "get it right"?
    The Lancet Global Health 3(10): e577–8. [PDF]
  • Pham QD, Wilson DP, Kerr CC, Shattock AJ, Do HM, Duong AT, Nguyen LT, Zhang L (2015).
    Estimating the cost-effectiveness of HIV prevention programmes in Vietnam, 2006-2010: A modelling study.
    PLOS ONE 10:e0133171. [PDF]
  • Jansson J, Kerr CC, Mallitt K-A, Wu J, Gray RT, Wilson DP (2015).
    Inferring HIV incidence from case surveillance with CD4 counts.
    AIDS 29(12):1517–25. [PDF]
  • Zhang L, Phanuphak N, Henderson H, Nonenoy S, Srikaew S, Shattock A, Kerr CC, Omune B, van Griensven F, Osornprasop S, Oelrichs R, Ananworanich J, Wilson DP (2015).
    Scaling up HIV treatment for MSM in Bangkok: what does it take? - a modelling and costing study.
    The Lancet HIV 2(5):e200–7. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, Stuart RM, Gray RT, Shattock A, Fraser-Hurt N, Benedikt C, Haacker M, Berdnikov M, Mahmood AM, Jaber SA, Gorgens M, Wilson DP (2015).
    Optima: a model for HIV epidemic analysis, program prioritization, and resource optimization.
    Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 69(3):365–76. [PDF]
  • Fraser N, Kerr CC, Harouna Z, Alhousseini Z, Cheikh N, Gray RT, Shattock A, Wilson DP, Haacker M, Shubber Z, Masaki E, Karamoko D, Gorgens M (2015).
    Re-orienting the HIV response in Niger towards sex work interventions: from better evidence to targeted and expanded practice.
    Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 68:S213–20. [PDF]

  • 2014

  • Lytton WW, Neymotin SA, Kerr CC (2014).
    Multiscale modeling for clinical translation in neuropsychiatric disease.
    Journal of Computational Surgery 1:7. [PDF]
  • Chadderdon GL, Mohan A, Suter BA, Neymotin SA, Kerr CC, Francis JT, Shepherd GMG, Lytton WW (2014).
    Motor cortex microcircuit simulation based on brain activity mapping.
    Neural Computation 26(7):1239-62. [PDF]
  • Jansson JA, Kerr CC, Wilson DP (2014).
    Predicting the population impact of increased HIV testing and treatment in Australia.
    Sexual Health 11(2):146-154. [PDF]
  • Eaton JW, Menzies NA, Stover J, Cambiano V, Chindelevitch L, Cori A, Hontelez JAC, Humair S, Kerr CC, Klein DJ, Mishra S, Mitchell KM, Nichols BE, Vickerman P, Bärnighausen T, Bershteyn A, Bloom DE, Boily M-C, Chang ST, Cohen T, Dodd PJ, Fraser C, Gopalappa C, Lundgren J, Martin NK, Mountain E, Pham QD, Pickles M, Phillips A, Platt L, Pretorius C, Prudden HJ, Salomon JA, van de Vijver DAMC, Wagner BG, White RG, Wilson DP, Zhang L, Bandford J, Meyer-Rath G, Remme M, Revill P, Sangrujee N, Terris-Prestholt F, Doherty M, Easterbrook P, Hirnschall G, Hallett TB (2014).
    Health benefits, costs, and cost-effectiveness of earlier eligibility for adult antiretroviral therapy and expanded treatment coverage: a combined analysis of 12 mathematical models.
    The Lancet Global Health 2:e23-34. [PDF] [appendix]

  • 2013

  • Neymotin SA, Chadderdon GL, Kerr CC, Francis JT, Lytton WW (2013).
    Reinforcement learning of 2-joint virtual arm reaching in a computer model of sensorimotor cortex.
    Neural Computation 25:3263-3293. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, van Albada SJ, Neymotin SA, Chadderdon GL, Robinson PA, Lytton WW (2013).
    Cortical information flow in Parkinson's disease: a composite network/field model.
    Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 7:1-14. [PDF] [web]
  • Song W, Kerr CC, Lytton WW, Francis JT (2013).
    Cortical plasticity induced by spike-triggered microstimulation in primate somatosensory cortex.
    PLOS ONE 8(3):e57453. [PDF] [web]

  • 2012

  • Kwon JA, Anderson J, Kerr CC, Thein H-H, Zhang L, Iversen J, Dore GJ, Kaldor JM, Law MG, Maher L, Wilson D (2012).
    Estimating the cost-effectiveness of needle-syringe programs in Australia.
    AIDS 26(17):2201-10. [PDF] [appendix]
  • Chadderdon GL, Neymotin SA, Kerr CC, Lytton WW (2012).
    Reinforcement learning of targeted movement in a spiking neuronal model of motor cortex.
    PLOS ONE 7(10):e47251. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, Neymotin SA, Chadderdon GL, Fietkiewicz CT, Francis JT, Lytton WW (2012).
    Electrostimulation as a prosthesis for repair of information flow in a computer model of neocortex.
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering 20(2):153-60. [PDF]

  • 2011

  • Neymotin SA, Kerr CC, Francis JT, Lytton WW (2011).
    Training oscillatory dynamics with spike-timing-dependent plasticity in a computer model of neocortex.
    IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium 1-6. [PDF]
  • Schneider K, Kerr CC, Hoare A, Wilson DP (2011).
    Expected epidemiological impacts of introducing an HIV vaccine in Thailand: a model-based analysis.
    Vaccine 29(36): 6086-91. [PDF] [appendix]
  • Chiang AK, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA, van Albada SJ, Kerr CC (2011).
    Age trends and sex differences of alpha rhythms including split alpha peaks.
    Clinical Neurophysiology 122(8):1505-17. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2011).
    Model-based analysis and quantification of auditory evoked potential age trends.
    Clinical Neurophysiology 122(1):134-47. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, Kemp AH, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2011).
    Thalamocortical changes in clinical depression probed by deconvolution and physiology-based modeling.
    NeuroImage 54(4):2672-82. [PDF]

  • 2010

  • Kerr CC, van Albada SJ, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2010).
    Age trends in auditory evoked potentials via component scoring and deconvolution.
    Clinical Neurophysiology 121(6):962-76. [PDF]
  • Van Albada SJ, Kerr CC, Chiang AK, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2010).
    Neurophysiological changes with age probed by inverse modeling of EEG spectra.
    Clinical Neurophysiology 121(1):21-38. [PDF]

  • 2009

  • Kerr CC, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2009).
    Deconvolution analysis of target evoked potentials.
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 179(1):101-110. [PDF]

  • 2008

  • Clearwater JC, Kerr CC, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2008).
    The neural mechanisms of ERP change: combining insights from electrophysiology and mathematical modeling.
    Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 7(4):529-50. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, Rennie CJ, Robinson PA (2008).
    Physiology-based modeling of cortical auditory evoked potentials.
    Biological Cybernetics 98(2):171-84. [PDF]

  • Books & book chapters

  • Robinson PA, Posnotva S, Abeysuriya RG, Kim JW, Roberts JA, McKenzie-Sell L, Karanjai A, Kerr CC, Fung F, Anderson R, Breakspear MJ, Drysdale PM, Fulcher B, Phillips AJK, Rennie CJ, Yin G (in press; accepted 30/06/2014).
    A multiscale "working brain" model.
    In Brette R, Destexhe A (eds.), Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience. Berlin: Springer Verlag.
  • Lytton WW, Kerr CC (2013).
    Computational neuroscience of synapses and neurons.
    In Pfaff D (ed.), Neuroscience in the 21st Century. Berlin: Springer Verlag. [PDF]
  • Neymotin SA, Mathew A, Kerr CC, Lytton WW (2013).
    Computational neuroscience of neural networks.
    In Pfaff D (ed.), Neuroscience in the 21st Century. Berlin: Springer Verlag. [PDF]
  • Wilson DP, Riono P, Kerr CC, Kwon JA, Zhang L, Kaldor J, Sutrisna A, Farid MN, Hadi N (2011).
    The HIV in Indonesia Model (HIM).
    Jakarta: University of Indonesia Press.

  • Technical reports


  • Kelly S, Shattock A, Kerr CC, Gama T, Nhlabatsi N, Zagatti G, Harimurti P, Wilson DP, Gorgens M (2015).
    HIV Mathematcal Modelling to Support Swaziland's Development of its HIV Investment Case.
    The World Bank. [PDF]
  • Masaki E, Fraser N, Haacker M, Obst M, Wootton R, Sunkutu R, Gorgens M, Gray RT, Shattock A, Kerr CC, Wilson DP (2015).
    Zambia's HIV response: Prioritised and strategic allocation of HIV resources for impact and sustainability.
    The World Bank. [PDF]

  • 2014

  • Fraser N, Benedikt C, Obst M, Masaki E, Gorgens M, Stuart R, Shattock A, Gray RT, Kerr CC, Wilson DP (2014).
    Sudan's HIV Response: Value for Money in a Low-Level HIV Epidemic.
    The World Bank. [PDF]
  • Fraser N, Cheikh N, Haacker M, Masaki E, Karamoko D, Gorgens M, Frescura L, Konan C, Kerr CC, Gray RT, Shattock A, Wilson DP (2014).
    Niger's HIV Response: Targeted Investments for a Healthy Future.
    The World Bank. [PDF-English] [PDF-Français]
  • Naning H, Kerr CC, Kamarulzaman, Dahlui AM, Ng CW, Wilson DP (2014).
    Return on Investment and Cost-Effectiveness of Harm Reduction Programmes in Malaysia.
    The World Bank. [PDF]
  • Kerr CC, Wilson DP. (2014).
    HIV Investment in Armenia: Analysis & Recommendations.
  • Wilson DP, Kerr CC (2014).
    HIV Resource Needs, Efficient Allocation and Resource Mobilization for Uzbekistan.
  • Duric P, Hammelmann C, Wilson DP, Kerr CC (2014).
    HIV Resource Needs, Efficient Allocation and Resource Mobilization for Tajikistan.
    UNDP. [PDF-English] [PDF-русский]

  • 2013

  • Wilson DP, Yakusik A, Kerr CC, Avila C (2013).
    HIV Resource Needs, Efficient Allocation and Resource Mobilization for the Republic of Belarus.
  • Wilson DP, Reyes J, Kerr CC, Gray RT (2013).
    Return on Investment of Needle-Syringe Programs in the Philippines.
    The World Bank. [PDF] [Brief]

  • 2012

  • Zhang L, Pham QD, Do MH, Kerr CC, Wilson DP (2012).
    Return on Investment of HIV Prevention in Vietnam.
    The World Bank/Vietnam Administration for AIDS Control. [PDF]
  • Wilson DP, Gray RT, Razali K, Hoare A, Cheah J, Kerr CC, Jamaludin A (2012).
    Determining Cost-Effective and Efficient Allocation of HIV Resources for the Republic of Armenia.
    The World Bank.
  • Wilson DP, Zhang L, Kerr CC, Uusküla A, Kwon JA, Hoare A, Sharapka AK, Balabayev T, Yakusik A, Gvozdeva E, Ionascu, Otiashvili GD, Grigoryan T, Soliev A, Williams-Sherlock M, Avila C (2012).
    The Cost-Effectiveness of Needle-Syringe Exchange Programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Costing, Data Synthesis, Modeling and Economics for Eight Case Study Countries.
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